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Interesting response to this article, I like how you left on a lighthearted note considering the seriousness of the topic. As a sport management major, the severity of this issue in not only the NFL, but all professional and non-professional sports is something that I do not brush off. If you are interested in more on not only NFL players that have suffered concussions, but also the other lifelong effects such as development of memory loss and cognitive issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) you may want to check into a recent report by CNN out on August 23rd highlighting NFL concussion fast facts. I learned a lot about the severity of CTE and the amount of professional athletes who have suffered from it. CTE was first diagnosed in MLB player Ryan Freel when he committed suicide at age 36. CTE is also the culprit responsible for the death of former Kansas City Chief’s linebacker Jovan Belcher as he was found to have murdered his girlfriend and then committed suicide two years ago as a result of CTE.
It really is a devastating reality and I agree with you that the release of CONCUSSION may finally shed some light on an issue that has been shushed for too long.


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Q- I rally liked and enjoyed your insight on insta!
I honestly thought you were reading my mind when I read that section because I couldn’t agree more with you!
I especially like how you comment on how insta doesn’t give the poster the opportunity to ramble on and the viewers do not have to see post after post of obnoxious issues. I enjoy that you post one picture on insta and that pictre is worth 1000 words! That makes instagram so unique and really makes the posters pic a photo that captures the over idea or theme of the event that their photo (post) is about! I do not have twitter so I can not attest to the hashtags making everything cluttered!
Great job on this post, you went above and beyond in your analysis and your intertwining your personal opinions.


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Hey Zack, I think you embedded the Tweets wrong. All you had to do was copy and paste the link to the individual post in the body of post. I think you may have used the hyperlink function and copied and pasted the link, I don’t believe that was what he was looking for!

Twitter Scavenger Hunt By Zack L.


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    I actually read the article as the Tesla corporation and their innovations are extremely interesting to me. In my business law class we actually dug in to some of the issues that go on behind the scenes at tesla and Elon Musk. He is a brilliant individual and is a true testament of what money power and intelligence can produce if combined properly. This reflection was well written and I’m glad I was able to read it and add a little bit to my knowledge of Tesla.



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This blog is very well written. You really went above and beyond by not only analyzing the blog but also critiquing the themes presented in the show. It was interesting to read your input on the feminism represented through the portrayal of Monica, Rachel and Phoebe. I would entirely agree with your statement that there is not an episode of Friends that disappoints audiences, and I as well believe I have seen every episode of friends. Great job on this post, I can see that a lot of thought was put into it.


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I actually have this app and use it all the time to log my runs and workouts! I do not use the nutrition logging feature as much as I should. I really liked the screenshots you used and how you had the blog set up so it explained in great detail how the app worked. Although I have already used the app, this post was still very beneficial to me and I bet it would be more beneficial in convincing others who would like to keep better track of their fitness to also download it.


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