Top 10 stressors of PR

I am not expert on the PR field, yet! But what I can tell you is that if you are wanting to go into the business of public relations, you are going to have to have tough skin and be willing to handleanything and everything that gets thrown at you. Although it is a few years old, an article written by Ragan’s PR Daily shares how people who work in the Public Relations field have one of the top most stressful jobs in the work industry. In 2012, The PR industry was rank 7th for most stressful jobs. Last year, Ragan’s PR Daily came out with another reflection on the ranking of the PR profession.

After some personal experiences and research of the industry, I have consolidated a once long list of stressors for PR, into this concise blog of top 10!

TOP 10 Stressors of PR

1. Part one: Public: The first word of the job title itself is stressful enough. Public: humans, people. People are difficult. And quite frankly, some people are just plain stupid.

stupid peple

2. Part two: Relations: the second part of the job title is even more stressful. Relations: as a PR professional, you have to relate to all audiences and all subject matters. That’s not easy.

3. The truth hurts: The cardinal rule of PR: always tell the truth. Often times people are afraid, offended, or just hurt by the truth.

4. Under the microscope: you are the face of the public so your every move is being watched by everyone, everywhere. Don’t mess up.

5. Tight deadlines: When news breaks and needs to be communicated, people need to know about it NOW!

6. High profile individuals: your job is to communicate on some of the most famous and influential people in the world; no pressure.

7. Constant communication: Communication in all forms is your job. You have to be able to read, write, talk, speak, call, email, text, blog, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and that’s just the beginning!

8. Emotional involvement: When communicating breaking news and often unfavorable truths, it can be very difficult to keep one’s personal feelings and emotions separate from the job and the message they must convey.

9. Speaking in front of large crowds EVERYONE!: it is statistically shown that a majority of the population would rather be the one in the casket than the one giving the eulogy. In PR you never get the choice of being in the casket.

10. PR is your life: you have no option. You eat, breathe, and sleep it. Scratch that you cant sleep, no time for that.


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