Tammy is not Terrible!

When considering what movie I wanted to look up a critique of, I had a bit of trouble. I usually don’t have time to watch a lot of movie, but over the weekend my roommates and I made time to watch the movie Tammy. Some trailers for the movie can be found here.

The critique I found was on the popular movie review site: Rotten Tomatoes

The review gives Tammy, played by Melissa McCarthy  a low score of 23% and an average rating of 4.3/10.

I feel that these ratings are inaccurate and I disagree with the critics consensus.

I found the movie to be extremely entertaining and down-right hilarious! I was laughing so hard that I cried in numerous parts throughout the film. The story line was rather scattered but I thought it had to be considering the crazy dynamic of the character. In a critique by Roger Ebert, he agrees with me for the most part. He commends McCarthy for her humor and compliments her spontaneity when it comes to improvisation and unexpected punch lines. He does comment on the fact that this is not the first time that we see McCarthy in this discombobulated, vulgar, and rather ruthless character. One ridicule that he gives is that we want to see McCarthy in another time of role. We know she can play this type of character, but what else does she have to offer. I entirely agree with him in this critique. Although he gives the movie 2.5 out of what I feel should be a well deserved 3/3 stars, I would have to say that his critique is well thought out and explained. You can check out the complete critique by Roger Ebert here.

Tammy is one of the only movies I have seen recently, and fortunately for me, it happens to be one of the better ones. If you haven’t spent time laughing the night away with Tammy yet, I would definitely recommend you do so, you wont regret you did.

Tammy is just plain funny

Bags 4 Wags


The SAU Sport management fall 2015 Capstone class is sponsoring a

Corn Hole Bags tournament to be held on November 8th after Bee the Difference Day.


Many forms of PR have been used to help communicate the event and to raise awareness of Kings harvest.

kings harvest

We have sent out multiple emails informing Ambrosian email users of the event.

The emails are only one method of out reach to inform students of the event. Unfortunately, college students are busy. And although we are constantly on our phones and computers, we still find a way to avoid checking our emails. The class realizes this issue and is well aware of it because students in the class are guilty of this themselves.

kings harvest1

In other efforts to actively promote the event, the class has set up multiple forms of social media to get the word out about the event:


The SAU SPORTS Society Facebook page

Bags 4 Wags event page

Bags 4 Wags Instagram

which has recently posted the pictures of all of our sponsors and prizes.


Other efforts include the creation of t-shirts and selling of these shirts to not only promote the event and raise awareness of the Shelter, but also to raise money to help support the shelter.
An email to all students and staff was sent out including:
The Sport Management Capstone Class is also selling t-shirts to help benefit
King’s Harvest No Kill Animal Shelter 
T-shirts are available for pre-sale and the costs is
$10 a shirt
t shirt
Please email 
 if you are interested in purchasing one! 
Additional efforts include the set up of donation boxes in multiple locations on campus. These donation boxes collect items that the shelter is in need of.
Look for the locations around campus!
 The Sport Management Capstone Class  Bags 4 Wags 
corn-hole tournament
sign-up is NOW open in the
Cafe’ during lunch & dinner   


🐱For more information about King’s Harvest check out their website 🐹 
Help the Capstone class support this great cause!
Paws for a Cause!

It’s Sweet to Tweet

So I am a 21 year old college student, and I have never had Twitter. I know what Twitter is and I know people who use it, but I never gave in and got wrapped up in the Twitter world; until this class.

After much reluctance, I now have a Twitter that I most likely will use only for this class. After messing around with it a little bit, I found Tweeting to be kind of fun and I now think that It’s Sweet to Tweet!


2.Student on the street

3.Extracurricular Extravaganza

4.Little-Know Fact

5.Academic Excellence / Extracurricular Extravaganza


7.School Spirit

8.Favorite eating/hangout spot

9.Scenic spot

10.Professor on the street