To Blog or not to Blog?

When channeling your inner Hamlet, The answer: To Blog. Like Nike: Just do it. Blogging is projecting information in form of written communication through either text or multimedia forms including but not limited to hyperlinks, videos, pictures, and comments.

This Comm240 class presented me with the task and challenge of setting up my own person blog, posting content, and interacting with other bloggers in my class through the forms of comments. This whole blogging business is something that I had never done before, and to be rather blunt, it was something I didn’t think I would ever want to do, nor did I ever expect to enjoy it. Boy was I wrong.  After blogging for this class, I not only enjoy blogging, but I now consider it a skill that I have. booger-blogger

Since I have only been blogging for under 4 months, I would not consider myself an expert, but I have learned a few things that have helped make me a better booger, I mean blogger.

Some advice I would give to future bloggers:

  1. Have an open mind.

When first approaching a blog, it is best to have an open mind. When I first started blogging, I was very close minded because I didn’t really think blogging was going to be for me. Having a negative mindset creates a mental block which prevents you from blogging to the best of your ability. When you sit down to blog, just let the thoughts flow. Don’t think too hard. Blogging is done best when you let the words flow onto the screen.


2. Use a variety of multi media forms.

Bloggers don’t want to read a rant about how bad your schools cafeteria food is… unless of course you make it interesting and include photos of the green chicken, or the slimy meatballs. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is entirely true in blogging. Reading content is all good, but pictures add an addition element that can’t be expressed through text. Other interesting forms of multimedia include hyperlinks and videos. These elements make the blog more interesting and engaging.

3. Have fun with blogging, but be professional.

It is important to remember that what you put out there on the internet is out there for anyone and everyone to see. So keep that in mind when you go on a rage about how stupid your teacher is and how you hope she gets hit by a bus… because one day you’re going to be looking for a job and employers may happen to stumble across a block that you wrote when you were young, dumb, and infuriated, but the blog is still your words and represents your image and who you are. The best thing to do when blogging is have fun! you can say your thoughts and speak your mind, but always remember, what you put out there is out there for ever and it can be used to make or break you!



shut your yik yak


In life, people have a lot to complain about: the weather, driving habits, their significant others, the list is endless. In college, the complaints are more entertaining and some rather sad.


These complaints can be posted for the world to see on an app called yik yak. Okay so maybe the whole world can’t see what you post, but people in the same geographical area can. I had heard of yik yak multiple times from friends and had heard it referenced before on campus. I downloaded yik yak to see what all the buzz was about and I think it was potentially the worst thing I could have done.

I realized that college kids have a lot of pointless comments to make, and a lot to complain about. Holy cow!


These people type a message in less than 200 characters to then be posted to the yik yak app where those around you can read your yak, vote it up or down if they like it, respond to it, and also click on it to see where exactly you were located when you posted it.

After scrolling through countless yaks about everything from Netflix and Chill, to not having a cuddle bae, to the crappy food in the caf; I decided that yik yak is a black hole of pointless babbling for those who have no one who wants to listen to them. All of these stupid complaints that college students have can all be found on one central place called yik yak. So what makes yik yak different from twitter or facebook? Well people can bitch and moan (excuse my French) all they want, and it is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS! So when you “jus wish you had a gur who down to chill and smoke” no one will know that you low key have no friends and no one wants to do illegal things with you.

Although yik yak is a pitiful way to project your problems to anonymous viewers around you, I will say that it is rather entertaining. After downloading and using this app, I will say that the only advice or improvement that I would make would be for people to stop complaining so much. Life is a beautiful thing, so shut your yik yak.

yik yak