About Kat

My name is Kat Kaczmarzyk. I am a thrill seeker and active lover of life. I am a senior majoring in Marketing and Sport Management at Saint Ambrose University. I am from a small farm town called Stillman Valley Illinois. I enjoy learning new things and I am taking this COMM 240 course not only because it is a requirement, but also because I am interested in the diverse types of communication. I work for the Quad City Mallards Hockey team as the In-Arena Hostess. I love sports and enjoy any opportunity to expand my knowledge of the sport industry. I have a deep passion for motorsports, more specifically ATV MX: a national circuit that my younger brother races. my younger brother, Zach, is a sophomore at Saint Ambrose University as well, studying mechanical engineering. My mom and dad live at home along with my two dogs, two cats, bird, and fish. I love being a young independent collage student, but also enjoy going home and spending time with the most important thing in my life: my family. I am thrilled to be commencing my senior year as a BEE and look forward to having a spectacular semester!


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