Social Media for Me

In a world of ever changing technologies, humans are continuously striving to find methods of staying connected. A huge part of staying connected is the many forms of social media. Technological advances have immensely impacted the efficiency of these different social media platforms. An exploration of 23 different types of social medias defines various methods that are most familiar like social networking sites such as facebook, and myspace. ; as well as those that are no as highly utilized like podcasting community

For me, the largest social medias that I use are snapchat and instagram.snapchatinstagram 

I use snapchat the most frequently, probably 3-10 times in every hour, if not more.

Snapchat is used to communicate with friends. I send and receive pictures daily actually, constantly, of selfies and whatever is currently going on with my friends and myself. I use snapchat to not only hear about but to see what is going on back home, with my friends that are far away at school, as well as close to me at Ambrose. Snapchat is a sweet and simple, easy and personal way to keep up to date with what’s going on in their lives and to update them on what my daily adventures entail. This is discussed further in an interesting analysis by Lauren Sutton.

I use instagram to follow some of my favorite sports teams as well as people and organizations that I would not otherwise be able to see. Instagram allows for a larger viewing platform of more audiences. Instagram does not give the consistent updates that snapchat does, rather highlights key points that viewers would be most interested.

I wish that snapchat could connect you with more people around you. For example, there is the local Iowa story that any user in Iowa can upload media to and select videos are highlighted on the Iowa story. I think it would make the social media platform of snapchat more interactive and interconnected if user who are around the area of the highlighted snapper could somehow reply or comment on the snap so that they could potentially network or share the experience together.

Regarlsess of what tye of social media platform you use, there is no dout that advances in technology have made the connection of people by means of their devices more efficient. In an ever changing world, we all still stay connected, especially through social media.

social media


3 thoughts on “Social Media for Me

  1. This post is super good and interesting as well. I liked how you had many experiences that you have with social media apps. Such as taking selfies back and forth on snap chat and how many times you actually send snap chats back in forth. This article is very relate able and that is why I was drawn to it.


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  3. I also use Snapchat and Instagram very frequently. I like your description of how Snapchat works. I also like how you emphasized that you receive snaps constantly during the day. The crossing out of one word, and bolding of another was very effective. I like your idea on what you think Snapchat should do. It would like to see Snapchat have it so anyone from the state of Iowa could put their snaps on the story. But I guess that would also mean there would be a lot of inappropriate stuff on there. Maybe that is why they don’t allow for everyone to put something on there.


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